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Patient Heroes
PharmaVoice   24 Mar 2020
This is what Bill Gates had to say about epidemics, back in 2015
World Economic Forum   24 Mar 2020
How the Coronavirus Affects Social Determinants of Health
Patient Engagement HIT   24 Mar 2020
Coronavirus puts drug repurposing on the fast track
Nature Biotechnology   18 Mar 2020
The Problem with U.S. Health Care Isn’t a Shortage of Doctors
Harvard Business Review   16 Mar 2020
Patient Stories Can Bridge the Gap Between Pharma and Patients, Building Advocacy Partnerships, Chief Patient Officers and Advocates
PharmaVoice   16 Mar 2020
Patient-Enhanced Drug Discovery and Development, Bringing the Patient Voice into Clinical Trials, and Patient Relationships: Physicians and Payers
PharmaVoice   16 Mar 2020
Boston Children's Hospital eyes building a more flexible workplace culture
Modern Healthcare   27 Feb 2020
Patients Pay It Forward With My Mentor Connections
Life Science Leader   18 Feb 2020
How technology can improve the patient experience: A view from Tencent’s Alex Ng
McKinsey and Company   5 Feb 2020
The future of hospital care: A better patient experience
McKinsey and Company   5 Feb 2020
How Sensors and Wearables Help Drive Richer Insights on Intervention Effects
PharmaVoice   5 Feb 2020
Changing Your Corporate Culture To Hear The Concerns Of Patients
Life Science Leader   5 Feb 2020
These Factors Will Shape the Biotechnology Industry
Entrepreneur   20 Jan 2020
Boosting trial recruitment through patient engagement
Pharmaphorum   20 Jan 2020
High-Science Storytelling: Cracking the Code on Meaningful Messaging
PharmaVoice   20 Jan 2020
Finding the future of care provision: The role of smart hospitals
McKinsey and Company   4 Dec 2019
How technology can improve the patient experience: A view from Tencent’s Alex Ng
McKinsey and Company   4 Dec 2019
Commercial Trends: Behavioral Science, Social Influencers, and Pharma Brands
PharmaVoice   4 Dec 2019
Video: Beyond the Clinic - In a Heartbeat
Aga Khan Foundation Canada   12 Nov 2019
Patients and Caregivers as ‘User Entrepreneurs’
Engaging Patients.org   12 Nov 2019
Health X Design Challenge Winners
CHXD   12 Nov 2019
The patient, the whole patient and nothing but the patient
HealthManagement   1 Nov 2019
Engaged Thinking Workshop: A View to Engaging and Designing for the Whole Patient
CanBiotech   24 Oct 2019
Health Technology: The Merging Disciplines of Medicine and Innovation
PharmaVoice   23 Oct 2019
How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Health Care Delivery
NEJM Catalyst   23 Oct 2019
Elucid- mHealth smart pill bottle to monitor patient adherence will communicate with smart watches as well as phones
Elucid mHealth   21 Oct 2019
New Organelle Found That Helps Prevent Cancer
University of Virginia   21 Oct 2019
Alberta partnership strengthens the link between nutrition and digestive disease
University Hospital Foundation   21 Oct 2019
Patient Solutions: Engaged Patients Driving the Solutions Market
PharmaVoice   21 Oct 2019
Medicen Paris Region reorganizes its Strategic Areas of Activities (DAS) to bring engineers and doctors closer together
Andrew Lloyd and Associates   21 Oct 2019
Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence Gains Ground Across Healthcare
PharmaVoice   21 Oct 2019
Potential Way to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes Identified
University of Virginia   3 Oct 2019
3 Ways Leaders Can Help Employees Prepare For The Future
Life Science Leader   3 Oct 2019
Examining FDA's New Patient Labeling Draft Guidance
Life Science Leader   3 Oct 2019
Athira's Whole-Patient Drug Development
Life Science Leader   25 Sep 2019
The Story Of Pfizer's R&D Turnaround
Life Science Leader   16 Sep 2019
Health care climate footprint report
Health Care Without Harm   16 Sep 2019
Leadership Lessons: The Essential Leadership Practice to Inspiring Employee Engagement
Life Science Leader   6 Sep 2019
My Advice To Aspiring Biopharma Entrepreneurs
Life Science Leader   6 Sep 2019
Meeting Business Challenges By Design, Not Accident
Life Science Leader   29 Aug 2019
Holistic Health Speaks to All Generations
Innova Market Insights   29 Aug 2019
Trends in Technology and Artificial Intelligence
PharmaVoice   1 Aug 2019
Patient Technology Adoption In Clinical Trials: 4 Barriers Holding Us Back
Life Science Leader   17 Jul 2019
Patient Voice: Determining Fair Market Value For Patient Insights Work
Life Science Leader   17 Jul 2019
The Agile R&D Organization
PharmaVoice   17 Jul 2019
The Biopharma Pipeline Is Strong, But Are New Innovations Reaching Patients?
Life Science Leader   20 Jun 2019
Connected Health: An Important Tool for Improving Outcomes
PharmaVoice   3 Jun 2019
Simplifying the Patient Experience Through Technology
PharmaVoice   3 Jun 2019
Healthcare consumerism today: Accelerating the consumer experience
McKinsey and Company   3 Jun 2019

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