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SMiís 3rd Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK
18/03/2019 - 19/03/2019
URL:   Click here for the event website.
Conference: 18 Ė 19 March 2019
Workshop: 20 March 2019

SMi is proud to present its 3rd Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry event, taking place on the 18th-19th March 2019.
The fight to optimise the drug discovery process is on as there is currently a reduced output of new medicines within the market, however, demand for novel drugs is still steadily increasing.

This yearís event will specifically focus on innovations within the field that has the potential to drive the pharmaceutical industry into a new era of medicines, with optimization of the R&D process to become cheaper, faster and increasing the likelihood of drug efficacy and success. These are some of the major obstacles within drug discovery at present, as the process is overall long, expensive and often potential drugs will fail late in clinical trials, wasting resources and time.

The event will also focus on novel techniques that can be implemented within the field today that can identify new druggable targets and possibly open new therapeutic areas within the clinic. This could offer opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to produce medicines for diseases and ailments that have previously not been targeted, and likewise, offer new drug targets for existing diseases that could potentially offer better clinical outcomes, such as within the development of cancer drugs.

Drug Discovery Chemistry will look at various developments within the field, guiding companies on how they can best utilize the newest technologies and drug discovery modalities to develop new medicines, reduce their R&D cost and timelines, and ultimately, increase their medicine output for commercial success.
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