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Strategic Project & Portfolio Management conference
Barcelona, Spain
10/02/2020 - 12/02/2020
URL:   Click here for the event website.
Looking at portfolio management in the 21st century is to combine both drug lifecycle improvements with better options in term of efficacy, technology and business models. Amidst pressure on prices and value demonstration, pharma companies need more than ever to be clear on portfolio decision making, on selection, evaluation and management. Companies also have to absorb and process new waves of technologies, from machine learning and automation tools to digital therapeutics, pushing them on the verge of large disruption for drug production, service to patients and healthcare.
The 19th edition marcus evans Strategic Project & Portfolio Management conference will definitely be looking at various examples in term of decision making on portfolio, choice of right resources and planning as well as internal organization; Moreover, it will look at digital development and its impact on today’s choices and future’s business models. Come and take part of it!
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